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Apartment Security Agency Bangalore

Apartment Security Agency Bangalore​

Apartment Security Guards Services


We are renowned Apartment security agency bangalore providing complete security services for apartments. We also provide security guards for home, housing societies and construction sites. We protect the property, assets and people in apartments.We safeguard the people against miscreants and unscrupulous elements in the society who enter apartments and commit theft, crime and other illegal activities in the apartment.Thefts are the most common crimes committed in locked flats. We maintain entry log book and note down the movement of people who go in and out of apartment. We stop outsiders entering the apartment and do thorough verification and permit them to enter only after confirming their credentials. We make sure parking space is utilised by respective flat owners in their allocated parking space only. We stop outsiders from parking vehicles inside the apartment and make them park their vehicles outside only. We also make sure proper entries are done for all the delivery boys, couriers etc… and the goods are handed over to the correct recipients. We also make entries of all the maids, servants, dhobis, laundry persons etc… coming to work in the flats.

We monitor the footage of the security cameras fitted in the apartments and keep an eye for any suspicious activities. Thereby ensuring the safety of the people and assets in the apartments. Our apartment security guards are fully trained in case of any fire accidents. They are well trained in extinguishing the fires using fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment.

We provide the best security services for apartments in bangalore. Our Apartment security services include emergency security services. In case of any emergency or untoward incidents happening, AM Security Services, the Apartment security agency bangalore has fully trained our apartment security guards to contain it and report it the respective authorities like police department or Ambulance or Fire engine services etc..

Apartment Security Services in Covid Pandemic


AM Security Services, the Apartment security agency bangalore has trained our apartment security guards for all the preventive and cleanliness measures to be taken care, to prevent the spread of the covid virus. Our security guards enforce social distancing and wearing of masks. We stop outside people from entering apartment without wear masks. We sanitise all the people entering the apartment premises with sanitisers and check their body temperatures before allowing them inside. We ensure the house keeping staff keep the premises clean and dispose of all the garbage on time. Our apartment security guards are trained to inform the respective government authorities if covid protocols are not followed, like home quarantine people coming out etc…

To sum up, AM Security Services, the Apartment security agency bangalore, monitors all the movement of people and assets to ensure complete safety and security of the apartment. Looking for apartment security services? Call us now.