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Critical infrastructure includes industry and manufacturing, utilities, and transportation. The vast majority of critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector and requires private security for protection. Approximately 50,000 security guards protect critical infrastructure in
the our country. Partnership of government agencies and private sector entities to enhance protection of critical infrastructure and key resources. Private security is necessary to protect large sectors of our critical infrastructure, including industry and manufacturing, utilities, and transportation . In manufacturing facilities and warehouses, internal theft is a significant threat. Businesses may also need to secure against crimes such as sabotage and espionage. Certain facilities, such as chemical plants and utilities facilities, are also potential sites of terrorist activities. As for transportation, a variety of security services are used to protect cargo, mass transit, airports, and airline transportation. Private security guards are
commonly hired by air carriers to conduct passenger and baggage checks; however, law enforcement officers usually provide overall airport security . Mass transit
also makes use of private security. . Some local transit systems also hire private guards to work in conjunction with city police officers in terminals and on buses